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Notes To Self…A Blog

My life, for what it’s worth.

A simple daily blog on living a creative life, building confidence and cultivating calm. It’s based on notes driven from my own thoughts and challenges and turning them into useful and maybe entertaining stories that maybe you’ll get some value from. One a day, every day. Short or long. Think them, write them, let them go… Enjoy!

find your vision

Create a vision of how you want your life to be

You’re probably here because you know deep down, there’s more – there’s a vision…

There’s something bigger you’re meant to create, something worthwhile, something that will make an impact in the world and bring you great joy and personal satisfaction.

It will be your creation, your work that represents the very best of what you can do and leaves a lasting impression on the world.

I hear you… I feel like that. I LOVE to create. I want to see my work being appreciated, valued and accepted. I want to know that my every day efforts are taking me closer to my life goals and that I have a bigger picture for my life that keeps me creating and pushing forward. I also want to enjoy my work, consciously choosing to spend my days in a rewarding and creative way.

But how do you define what that ‘something’ is? Read More…

Do you dare to own your dream?

I had a realisation recently as I drove past some amazing dream homes – homes that have always caught my eye and kind of drawn me in…

I had always thought ‘I’d like one of those’ – ‘I’m going to have one of those’ even. But as I looked at them this time, I realised that I’d never actually ‘owned’ that dream. It was more of a fanciful thought, a far off ‘maybe one day’ kind of thought, rather than a tangible ‘I want that so I’m going to get that’ kind of thought.

I realised that whilst I thought in passing that I wanted it, I didn’t actually ‘own it’. I kept it in a corner of my mind that was safe and kind of dormant. Where dreams lie waiting, but not really being actioned upon or not really given the faith  or attention they need to come alive.

It got me to thinking about how it’s high time I turned some of these passing thoughts, into a clear vision. How do you turn a dream into a vision… Let’s give it a go. Read More…

Chasing your dream? or chasing your tail?…

I’ve worked with hundreds of people building brands… The ONE THING I see the most is that they’re busy… Busy doing stuff, making stuff, delivering stuff. Sometimes so busy that they are complaining and wondering where all their time is going.

They’re running around in circles trying to make headway with not enough time in the day. They’re overwhelmed with the amount of things to do and constantly not feeling like they’re getting anything done. Of course I’ve been there too.. but not any more.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy… and of course running a business is most often going to require effort and ‘doing’ things, lots of them.

I like being busy myself. I enjoy the satisfaction of taking on tasks and getting them done. But I really don’t enjoy being so busy that I feel stressed and overburdened.

My life is nowhere near as busy as it was, and I chose that consciously, and only recently I realised why I don’t feel stressed (most of the time…) HERE’S WHY… Read More…

Do you know what you really want?

Or is it based on what you think you can have?…

Do you know what you want? What you really want? Yes? Maybe? Sometimes? No idea? Not sure?

I’ll give you a few minutes now to think about that question.

When was the last time you asked yourself that? And if you did, what do you answer?

I know when I asked it for a long time, it’s been different every time. And sometimes I just didn’t have a clue! And then as soon as I thought I knew, and it changed!

Well, I do now. I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while now and I ask myself it frequently. I keep tuning in with the question and the answer to check that I’m on the right track. Because what I want and what I’m doing right now – are one and the same.

What did you come up with? Got a clear plan? Got any idea? Read More…

Are you a doer or a dreamer? How to come back to earth and get stuff done!

Whilst I was in England recently, I enjoyed spending some ‘quality time’ with my good friend Elaine… She’s one of those people that you can be away from and when you get together, you just pick up where you left off. I got a bit of a wake up call one day when we were talking about work and stuff… We were talking about doers and dreamers… I realised that she’s a real doer and I’m a bit of a dreamer… I think I’d like to be more of a doer!

‘A visionary can be too visionary, you have to come down to earth sometimes and get stuff done’

Read More…

Why do some people give up on their goals and others keep going?…

I’m reading a great book at the moment called: ‘Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance’ – by Angela Duckworth. I’ve always been fascinated by perseverance.. how some people keep going and how others give up. It’s not easy to keep going sometimes, whatever it is we’re doing or working towards, very often the ONLY difference between those that succeed and those that don’t, is just keeping going.

So what’s the secret of keeping going, what separates the doers from the dreamers? Let’s explore… Read More…

Losing your way – it’s just part of the adventure!

Even the most confident and successful people can sometimes lose their way in life, the trick is, to get back on your path as quickly and easily as possible.

It’s a bit of a scary feeling getting lost, ever had that feeling where you’re a bit lost in a strange country? or maybe on the London Tube… that moment of fear where you feel like you’re alone and scared and you don’t know which way to turn and a dark cloud starts to creep up inside your belly… I know… It’s enough to make you go home and stay there!

In life every day, we have to make choices about which way to turn and which step to take next. Sometimes, those choices are not clear and we find ourselves lost and unable to make a clear decision and then, going home and retreating to safety is our easy way out.

But if you’re prepared to be resourceful and seek simple ways to get yourself back on track – losing your way is not so scary any more – it’s just part of the adventure! Read More…

On a clear day…

On a Clear Day – you can see for miles. But what about the days that are foggy?

I live in an amazing place, I just love being somewhere so peaceful and calm, away from the crowds and immersed in nature. And I love winter.. being brought up in England it’s hardly surprising (our winter is a lot like an English summer mostly!)

One thing I love about winter – amongst MANY other things… is the clarity in the air. I have a walk which takes me around the property, up over the hills that overlook the mountain range and on a clear day you can see for miles!  I get back home and EVERY TIME, I feel invigorated, inspired and ready to take on the day.

Some days are like that – clear and fresh and, well happy! Others are not so clear… foggy and misty and the view just disappears. The inspiration to walk is not there and I really just want to stay inside and put my feet up… well, I do have an open fire and a cat… So how do you stay clear minded with a sharp mind on a foggy day? Read More…

Action without vision is only passing time

Action without vision is only passing time
Vision without action is merely day dreaming
But vision with action can change the world.
Nelson Mandela

This quote caught my eye this week. It really resonated with me, because for so long now, I’ve spent my days carefully selecting how I spend my time and being super aware of where it’s taking me and how much I enjoy it. It’s why I’ve chosen to spend most of time creating and delivering my program Big Vision Baby Steps. To me, that’s what this quote is all about – daily actions towards a vision.

So, I thought I’d study it a bit more and look at what it really means and how we can make sure we’re taking REAL action towards our vision. Read More…

When you can’t see the wood for the trees…

When you’ve set yourself a big goal, or you’re creating something significant, it takes time and daily effort to see any results. Sometimes though, it’s easy to get disillusioned along the way because you’re so close and you can’t the see the tiny changes that are happening right in front of you! In other words, you can’t see the wood for the trees!.

If you’re the one ‘doing the doing’ and the progress is too hard to measure or you lose track of the big picture, the daily grind can get too much and the vision can become blurred enough to make you give up!

Maybe it’s time to take a moment now to step back and appreciate just how far you’ve come! Read More…