Celebrating my new book
41. Celebrating the day I got my book.
April 24, 2017
enjoying the satisfaction of getting back on the bike
43. Enjoying the satisfaction of starting again. Getting back on the bike!
June 20, 2017
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42. Stage-fright. Enjoying anonymity.



I’m on route to the UK, in no man’s land as they say. In transit in Bangkok airport. Got a bit of spare time so what better way to spend it than writing.  Wow, there’s sure a feeling of anonymity here. You’re just a sea of numbers flitting from a to b and be to c … I was just thinking about my book which is 99% done… and now I have that feeling a bit like stage-fright. Like I have to change who I am from a creator to being a presenter, lose my own anonymity. Of course, I don’t. I just need to maintain my quiet confidence and faith in my creation and toss it out into the world and allow it to be seen and heard.

I know at least I have a book. I’m proud of that accomplishment, it’s further than many gets! But I also know that there are many MANY books out there sitting in the quiet corners of the world gathering dust. Waiting to be discovered. Just because they exist in reality, in print, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be seen and heard. Creative people are notorious for being quiet, preferring not to promote their creations, but just retreat back into the studios and carry on doing what they love. I’m exactly the same. I wish that creating something was it. That now I have finished one book, I could just turn around and start another one! Of course, I could, there are no rules. But given that the whole subject of the book is ‘being seen and heard for being you’ … I know that now is when the real work begins if I want it to be successful. And I do.

There’s no point in creating stuff and not getting it seen. The challenge is to become comfortable with promoting yourself and your creations. and no I’m not very comfortable with putting stuff out there – which is why I created the book in the first place.  For people like me who have something great to share and need support in getting the stuff ‘out of their head and into the world’.

I do like anonymity.  I love my own space, my own privacy. I’m much more comfortable sitting quietly by myself than being in a crowd, even a small one! So I kind of freak out when I get to this point where I have to share what I’ve done. I don’t have any great urge to personally be seen or heard. But I’d like my book to make it out into the big wide world. I don’t want it to sit on a shelf gathering dust. I want it to be seen, used, valued. So I boldly step into promotion mode.

What’s next? Getting it looking like it deserves to look. Reflecting the quality of the content., fine tuning the production and then putting it in front of the right people, sharing the content. It will be fun!


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