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July 18, 2017
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August 8, 2017
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50. This too shall pass – what to do when you’re feeling bored with your life


We had a lovely weekend. We had plans for doing all sort of things because I was feeling a little in need of some fresh inspiration, but in the end, we mainly just stayed on the farm. The thing is, it’s easy to get bored of what you’ve got and the secret is to keep seeing it with new eyes. To appreciate it fully, because like everything else in life, ‘this too shall pass’. That’s the nature of impermanence.

I’m reading a book called ‘Buddhism for busy people’ and I was just reading that quote – ‘This too shall pass’ meaning that everything has impermanence – good and bad. Sometimes, that’s a good thing to remember when you’re going through a tricky, unpleasant or challenging phase of your life. You want it to pass quickly, and of course eventually it will.

Equally, though, when you’re in a great phase, or good things are happening, it’s nature’s way that it too shall not last. So we must remember to enjoy everything as it does last and not take things for granted.

We must appreciate the people we have to share our lives with, the place we live, the work we do, the places we visit … they are all blessings that can easily be overlooked.

So, remembering that this weekend, as I felt a little – dare I say ‘bored’ – we decided to approach the day as if we’d just arrived at a lovely weekender in the country and we were on a farm-stay, and that it we only had the place for a couple of days. There were farm animals to feed, dogs to play with, an artist retreat set up and ready to go, an open fire to sit by, a fire pit to toast ourselves around in the evening and even a buggy to explore the property on. No-one to bother us, complete privacy – what more could you ask for in a country retreat? When you put it like that, you realise how much you have to be thankful for. So as I toured the farm on a buggy and John went mustering, I read the book and appreciated where I was and what I had.

So when you get bored of where you live – even if it’s like me – on a beautiful property with acres to explore every day, take the time to enjoy it and appreciate it with new eyes, because it won’t last forever – nothing does.