About Sandy

I'm a brand consultant, designer and artist. I've worked in the creative industry for over 30 years with Corporate Companies and Passionate Professionals - all who share a common goal - to get their stuff out into the world and are willing to work very hard to do so. 

As a Brand Consultant, I now like to work with PASSIONATE, CREATIVE people, who want to build AUTHENTIC brands that have a POSITIVE impact on the world.

I see a brand as a tool to be seen and heard, not just a way of making money and persuading people to spend. Branding is a way to get your message out into the world, so it’s a big opportunity to share your creative contribution.

Like many, I've suffered from the ‘creative mind syndrome’ - I want to – and try to do it all – and I have a mind that conjures up ideas by the minute. This has had its problems … a busy mind can get confused - what to focus on, what to choose?

Finding a central point, a way to refocus, rebalance and re-continue without being put off course by distractions and doubts, has been a challenge and source of inspiration in my life and the result has been the creation of Tempo Lifestyles.

I now love to create products and programs to help busy, creative, talented people find more balance in their lives, to enable them to create and deliver their best work whilst enjoying the journey.

And I'm excited to introduce my latest book:

Be Seen Be Heard for Being You

It's a creative book that will take you on a journey towards achieving greater levels of self-awareness, self-expression and personal fulfilment. You’ll learn that it’s entirely possible to craft a business that works for you; one that you’re excited to deliver every day. You’ll design a brand that can create significant and lasting change in the world and create a lifestyle that enables you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility you desire.


I have a connection with quiet, talented individuals who have so much to give, but are maybe lacking the confidence or skills to get their ideas and talents out into the world. My dad had amazing skills, a brilliant brain and was very artistic; I believe he could have put something incredible out into the world with a helping hand.

I have a problem with loud, ego-driven individuals, who promise more than they deliver and seem to get seen and heard so much more than those that have more to offer. My mission is to balance out the world and bring more quiet creatives into the spotlight and encourage them to have a go, to build their confidence and to be seen and heard.

My focus is to help these talented, creative individuals find their place in the world and have them or their work be seen and heard.'