8 simple steps to help you follow through – cultivate commitment

Clarity Visions

Nothing spectacular has happened this week… It’s just another week. Just another week chipping away at my big goals, doing the doing towards a bigger vision. Taking care of the actions that need to be done, every day.

So what’s the difference between someone who keeps going and someone who gives up?

One word, commitment.

It’s not losing sight of the goal, whilst enjoying the journey along the way. 

It’s hard, doing the doing every day, not being able to see the progress that’s being done because your actions are so small they seem insignificant. Well, doing the doing every day, if the actions are well thought out, planned and consistent is EXACTLY what will get you there. So today I thought I’d explore some of the strategies you can use to help you keep doing the doing, towards whatever it is you want to create.

I know you want to create something with your life right? Maybe it’s a business, a happy family or a book. Maybe you want to be an artist or build a website… Or maybe you’re not sure, but you feel like there must be something you can create. 

Creating something worthwhile takes commitment and follow through. And I know that follow through is not always easy. 

Managing the ups and downs of life sometimes seems like a never-ending journey. Having a goal, a dream, a project gives us something to work towards, a purpose, an exciting prospect of the day ahead! That goal or dream can, I know,  drift in and out of clarity. One day, it’s an exciting prospect or an outstanding opportunity, the next day, the same vision can seem an impossible dream; a futile pursuit with little likelihood of happening! The good news is that I’m here to help you develop strategies to keep the dream burning, re-ignite the spark and fuel the fire.

8 simple steps to help you follow through – cultivate commitment

1. Connect with your ‘WOW spark’
If you are doing what you are passionate about, getting up and doing it every day will come easy! At some stage, if you haven’t connected with what you’re really passionate about, you’re more likely to fall off the wagon when things get tough.

2. Capture your dreams visually
Seeing them makes them real and is a really good way to connect and re-commit daily. They can get lost in your day to day activities and mundane actions. Take them out and polish them every day!

3. Commit, decide and just get on with it!
Making a decision feels good. There’s a difference between a maybe and a definite… Takes out all the stress of wondering if and when you’ll do it, you can just get on with it.

4. Having strategies to re-commit
Even the best of us struggle some days. We question our direction and ask ourselves if it’s all worth it. The secret is in re-committing every day. This is where it becomes important that you’ve got step one to three done first to refer back to!

5. Develop a lifestyle to support you and support commitment to your goals
Sometimes our lives are not geared up towards supporting us towards our goals. Even simple changes can help us build a more sustainable lifestyle that works for us, not against us! Start building habits to create more space in your life, or build more energy or develop more resilience. Every little helps.

6. Make room for simple stillness and reflection
It’s easy to get caught up in the goal or dream and forget to appreciate the simple stuff along the way, the things that are really the most important; the things that give us the most joy. Family, friends, peace and stillness to just enjoy the journey – OH AND MAKE ROOM FOR YOU!!!.

7. Cultivate patience and reward
Things take time, it’s as simple as that. Learn to enjoy the process and allow yourself regular rewards along the way to make sure you don’t burn out. Have faith that your WOW Spark is guiding you in the right direction.

8. Advance and Adjust
Take baby steps. Keep an eye on the big picture but don’t lose sight of the path right in front of you (or you’ll be sure to trip!). A rocket’s flight path to the moon is constantly adjusting itself, so keep adjusting your flight path too.

You can apply these principles to anything you are working towards. The main thing is to clarify your direction, rekindle your dreams, re-commit or commit and get on a path that delivers the best you have to offer.

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