Are you letting your SELF get in the way?


I have a little problem writing sometimes, not sure why I think it has something to do with my topic - "SELF" Maybe I let myself get in the way.

Sometimes when I sit down to write, the voice in my head just pesters me, and I let it win! Ever have that problem? Hear yourself saying things you wouldn't say to other people! So why are we so hard on ourselves sometimes???

We live in our heads, our minds sometimes just won't stop. Sure, I have ways of slowing down the mind, like meditation and walking and yoga, and they're great. But inevitably our minds come back and we find ourselves talking about stuff that is really not doing us any good. Putting ourselves down, telling ourselves stuff that's not helping us, telling ourselves we're not good enough, not fit enough, not rich enough - whatever it is, we end up judging ourselves. Before others even get a chance to say anything, we've done an excellent job of talking ourselves out of something. Let's face it, if we're not nice to ourselves, then who have we got to blame but ourselves!

It's sad but true, we are sometimes not our own strongest supporter, in fact we can very often be our own worst enemy. We let ourSELVES get in the wayand we don't even know it. So let's explore a bit about our SELF and how to enjoy our own company a bit more!

Seven Steps to Self Security

1. Get to know yourself
How well do you know yourself? Self-Awareness is where the secret to happiness lies. Knowing who we are, what we want, our desires, our dreams, our fears and our strengths, means we can make choices that work for us. Do things that make us happy and add positive things to the world. Put yourself first sometimes and make time for yourself. You'll thank yourself later.

2. Develop Self-Confidence. If you don't have confidence in yourself, how are you going to get others to believe in you? We may not all be in business, or be in the business of selling, but at some point, we need to deliver our message with confidence, whatever it is. Ever tried to get a dog to sit without the confidence in your voice? Ever tried to get a job with a timid approach? Ever tried to speak to someone about an important issue when you don't believe in yourself?

3. Cultivate Self-Discipline. The ability to manage your life and create boundaries for yourself is critical to living a life of balance and calm. Knowing when to stop, when to work, when to play. Having a natural rhythm and flow in our lives comes from developing habits and rituals that support us daily. Exercise, good eating, sharing, sleeping... self-care that helps to bring you back on track and even out the natural ups and downs of life.

4. Enjoy Self-Expression. It's one of the most rewarding pleasures to be able to be yourself, openly, naturally, honestly and be accepted for who you are. Seeking ways of expressing yourself can be a fun and enjoyable way of opening up and exploring you. Practice being yourself, and sharing yourself through whatever form suits you. Painting, writing, speaking, singing, talking.

5. Listen to your Self-Talk - that voice in your head that tells you stuff you don't want to hear. That voice that talks you up or talks you down, without even uttering a word. Quiten the mind and manage the negative thoughts. Be nice to yourself.

6. Be aware of Self-Sabotage - Ever had it really good? Things going really well and then poof! gone, everything goes bad and things start falling apart. Sabotage. It's something we do to keep ourselves from succeeding, to keep ourselves where we believe we belong. Practice the art of expanding your possibilities.

7. Self-Acceptance. No-one is perfect. Striving to have everything, be everything, do everything will only lead to self-destruction. Letting things go is an art that is well worth mastering. Had a bad day? Let it go. Made a mistake? Let it go. Accept where you are, who you are and work from there.

Remember to be kind to yourSELF

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