Creativity is not just for artists


I’ve just spent a weekend with Deepak Chopra – and all I can say is WOW. What an incredible man. It was called Journey to Enlightenment and what a journey it was. The one thing I was really fascinated by, that is something very dear to my heart was his view on creativity.

“We are all creating every day!…”

I’ve always considered myself a very creative person. Even as a little girl I had a pencil in my hand. I was a talented artist, followed it through to a creative career. I LOVE the creative process – love, love, love it. But I know some people are intimidated by it and I also hear people say, I’m not creative, I can’t paint to save my life. Well, ten minutes with Deepak and you will understand the true meaning of creativity.

Anything that is now, has been created by someone. The computer you are reading this email on, the glasses you are reading them with, the chair you are sitting on and the tea you are drinking. In fact, right now, you are contributing to creating the world. What you bring to the world is as important as everyone else, that’s why I’m passionate about helping people find and deliver their true creativity.

“Creativity is not just for artists…”

It’s not some kind of magic talent that a few people are blessed with and it’s not a mythological process that is hard to learn. It’s something we do every day, even without trying. The secret is to begin to direct our creativity and create things that we really want, that matter, rather than create by default. Let me explain a little about the creative process as I see it.

To create something means to have something that was not there before. True creativity is when we create something out of nothing, but there is always something.

It starts with a spark, an idea, a thought – that’s something right?

The creative process then takes its journey through developing the idea, nurturing it, researching it, learning it, taking various actions, letting it evolve and finally bringing it into being. Sure, there’s a lot of steps along the way, but at any one point in time we are creating something.

What are YOU creating?
Are you CONSCIOUSLY CREATING? or letting the world create for you?

Think about what you’re creating in your life…
Are you creating harmony by adding to the world with peace and joy? Are you creating disharmony by antagonising and not seeing other people’s point of view?

Are you creating a positive environment for your friends and family? One of support and friendship, learning and growth? Or are you creating an environment of doubt and disbelief with negativity and worry?

Are you creating a life that is healthy and happy, with well-balanced activities, making time for yourself and your family? Or are you creating imbalance, angst and stress, leading to disease?

To consciously create means you are aware of what you are creating. Each moment you spend contributes towards a bigger picture, and that bigger picture is something you have dreamt, something you desire, something worth working for. Each moment is spent ‘doing what matters most’ at that given point in time.

What will you create in your life this week?

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