Cultivating Creativity - 5 simple steps


Have you ever wanted to create something in your life? At some stage we all want to create something; Maybe you’ve thought about writing a book or building a business, or maybe you’d like to try your hand at painting or do photography, or simply create a more balanced life with more of the good stuff in it! The thing about creative thinking is that it’s NOT reserved for ‘creative’ people. The I’m not creative doesn’t cut it here… If you want something, you have to create it – simple.

To create anything requires 3 simple things:
1. Vision
2. Desire
3. Action

If you’ve got something you’d like to create and you’re not seeing it evolve the way you’d like, then you are missing one vital element in the process. Which one is it? If you really want it, you’re really clear about what you want and you’re taking confident and consistent action, then you WILL create it.

I know a bit about creativity, having worked in the creative industry for over 25 years, I’ve worked with many creative minds and I’ve seen many successes and quite a few misses. I protect my creativity, it’s a must for me. I love the feeling of creating something from nothing, so I make sure that I am in the best possible space as often as possible to ensure that my best work is allowed time and space to evolve. So today my tips are all about how you can start to build your habits around Cultivating Creativity in your life, whatever it is you want to create.

“Everything that is, was once a thought” That means everything; the computer you’re using (chances are it was created by one of the most famous visionaries of recent times; Steve Jobs – now HE knows a thing or two about creativity), the cup you’re drinking your tea out of was once a thought, the chair you’re sitting on and the house you’re living in… yes, someone had to think them up and go through the creative process. My desire for you is to assist you to find your best self, to create your best work and deliver your best ideas.

Some of us tend to think we are more creative than others. Well, creativity is not something that we are given selectively, we are all creative, it’s just that some of us choose to cultivate it more than others.

So what can you do TODAY, to help you cultivate more creativity in your life… Here are some tips I live by…

1. Allow yourself Time… To connect with your true desires… To connect with the spark and see what sets your soul on fire!
2.  Create a space that allows your mind to wander… Big thinking space, calm space, creative space; whatever works to let your mind think
3. Let Go of any pre-conceived ideas that might be directing your thoughts. Allow ideas to evolve without judgment or repression. Let go of the struggle –
4. Be nice to yourself. Accept that
5. Create a simple system. Show up, build discipline, create focus.

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