Do something every day that makes you feel good about yourself.

Feel good Tempo Tips

It’s been couple of weeks since I watched the tennis here in Australia, I really admire their tenacity and will to win! I’m fascinated by those that constantly strive to be better - even when they’re already up there with the best!

Something resonated with me that Novak Djokovic said the night that he won. 

“It won’t really sink in until I’m alone tonight before I go to sleep.”

It got be thinking about how as we all go to sleep at night, we are alone in our minds. You know that last minute when you close your eyes you sometimes reflect on the day that’s been - and maybe about the day ahead.

If I’m reflecting on the day that’s been, and I can say - "YES I feel good about myself today" - for me, that is one of the most important things. I want to feel that I did the best I could, I enjoyed my day, I had a go and I had some level of success, or learning, or achievement. I want to feel that I put in a good day towards something I believe in, or just daily practice into being a better person.

Lately I've been challenging myself to walk 10,000 steps each day and I've been feeling really good about myself at the end of the day when I've done it!

And the great things is, that how we feel is completely up to us. It’s ALWAYS our choice and it’s ALWAYS within our grasp to turn any situation into one we feel good about. And if we can’t feel good about it, at least we can accept it and learn and move on.

One person’s win is another person’s loss.
And one persons’s loss is another person’s win.

Sure, we can’t all win a grand slam (or seven). But we can feel good about playing the game!

And what really counts is how we reframe and reflect on our day and that we FEEL successful about what happened - even if we didn’t win the game that day - we most likely took another step towards a goal, or we learned a valuable lesson.

No-one else can tell you how you should feel about anything.
That’s completely up to you.

Here's some ideas to take with you, to help you feel good about your day every day

  • Try to do something every day that makes you feel good about yourself. 
    Something that stretches your mind, pushes your body.
    Something that challenges your fears or overcomes a perceived hurdle.
    Something that helps another or teaches you something new. 
    And don’t compare what it is. As long as it something that makes YOU feel good about yourself, that’s all that counts. Because to one person, walking a few steps when they’ve been told they won’t walk again is a major achievement. To another, climbing a mountain they’ve been training for for months is their achievement. To some, it may be something as simple as feeding or clothing yourself that is a challenge and a stretch. 
  • Each night take a few minutes to reflect on your day and reframe in such a way as to feel good about yourself. Maybe you could ask yourself these questions:
  1. What did I do today that I’m proud of?
  2. What did I do today that will make me a better person?
  3. What did I do today that takes me one step closer to my dreams and goals?
  4. What did I do today to help others, or make the world a better place?
  5. What did I do today that I can learn from?

Because when we feel good, it affects our whole life and the lives of those around us!

Sandy x

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