Do you dare to own your dream?


I had a realisation recently as I drove past some amazing dream homes – homes that have always caught my eye and kind of drawn me in…

I had always thought ‘I’d like one of those’ – ‘I’m going to have one of those’ even. But as I looked at them this time, I realised that I’d never actually ‘owned’ that dream. It was more of a fanciful thought, a far off ‘maybe one day’ kind of thought, rather than a tangible ‘I want that so I’m going to get that’ kind of thought.

I realised that whilst I thought in passing that I wanted it, I didn’t actually ‘own it’. I kept it in a corner of my mind that was safe and kind of dormant. Where dreams lie waiting, but not really being actioned upon or not really given the faith  or attention they need to come alive.

It got me to thinking about how it’s high time I turned some of these passing thoughts, into a clear vision. How do you turn a dream into a vision… Let’s give it a go.


Dreams to me represent a maybe land that seems far away and not real.

Dreams feel safe… You don’t have to own them and accept the responsibility of doing whatever it takes to achieving it when it’s a dream.

You can leave it in that corner of your mind where nice things hang out. Where your childhood dreams lay dormant and where your adult dreams now are added to the pile. They’re nice thoughts that deep down you really don’t know if they’re really going to happen. But one day you wake up and realise that those dreams that are lurking are probably not going to happen without some significant action, even though you kind of thought they always would.

We allow ourselves to dream – sometimes. But when it comes to really believing that we can actually have those things we dream about – there’s a gap. We put limits on ourselves based on what we’re comfortable with, what we think we can get, what we think we deserve, what’s within our realms of capabilities.


To turn our dreams into a vision we have to really feel them and own them. Accept that it’s possible and then bring the vision to life.

Firstly we need to decide if we are serious about it or is it best left as a dream… There’s lots of things we’d like in this world, there’s a lot of choice. Chasing after too many dreams sometimes proves fruitless and becomes tiring, so maybe  it’s best to leave some things as dreams and focus on the ones that really tug at our heart strings.

We have to let go of pre-conceived ideas of what’s possible, probable or permissible and let go to what we truly desire. We’re conditioned to believing that there are certain things in this world that we can get, or have… we’re all open to the same possibilities and if we accept that, we can achieve or create anything we set our minds and hearts to.

Name your dream.  Give it a title. What would you like? Then ask yourself…

1. What would it really feel like. Put yourself in that position, how would it change your life?

2. Is it real? Or is it a fanciful maybe. Be honest with yourself, is it something you really want, or can you let it go in favour of focussing on the stuff you do.

Then claim your dream. Start doing what it takes to move forward…

Start believing. Start taking steps. Start owning it.

Then let go… Set the intention and allow the universe to start weaving its magic! Accept that it might take time and it might show up in a different to what you’d imagined, but have faith that it will happen…

And back to my dream!?… Yes I do own it.

A Vision of My Dream Home…

It’s a pretty house, with beautiful gardens, a nice entry statement with green manicured lawns and lush colourful gardens. I have a beautiful studio overlooking a view of mountains and the ocean where I spend my time creating and collaborating. It gives me peace and tranquility to create and write every day and a creative hangout to invite my tribe to create with me. I have a light and airy country kitchen with timber bench tops and a large gas stove where I cook up delicious dinners and tasty treats. In winter I enjoy the cosy open fireplace with friends and family. In summer we sit on the verandah and while away the day soaking up the views, reading, resting and relaxing. It oozes character with timber floors and gorgeous carpets and colourful rugs. Outside there’s cute walkways and a hidden door to a secret garden. Of course we have a gardener to care for it all. We have a private yoga den called the Buddha’s Hut. There’s a charming pool and a gazebo to shelter from the sun. We have guest rooms for family and friends and even Jimmy has a kennel in a cozy corner of the garden. The trees are green and provide cool shelter and the flowers are a pretty picture or colour and blooms.

Yes it’s something I want. I own it. I claim it. And I’ll invite you around when I get it!!! Oh – that’s right, I already have about half of it… must have owned my dream after all!

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