Do you know what you really want?

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Or is it based on what you think you can have?

Do you know what you want? What you really want? Yes? Maybe? Sometimes? No idea? Not sure? When was the last time you asked yourself that? And if you did, what do you answer?

I know when I asked it for a long time, it’s been different every time. And sometimes I just didn’t have a clue! And then as soon as I thought I knew, and it changed!

Well, I do now. I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while now and I ask myself it frequently. I keep tuning in with the question and the answer to check that I’m on the right track. Because what I want and what I’m doing right now – are one and the same.

What did you come up with? Got a clear plan? Got any idea?

Last month I went to a really simple and short talk delivered by a friend of mine, Hayley Carr… now I’ve been around this personal development coaching stuff for a LONG TIME – and I was quite surprised at how I’d never really thought of things this way. You know when you get told something over and over again, and only when you’re ready to hear it, you hear it delivered just the way you need it.

So, I realised that whilst I kinda knew what I wanted – I’d definitely been thinking about the answer more with a handbrake on around ‘WHAT I THOUGHT I COULD HAVE’

That was a bit of wake up call for me – we all need wake up calls now and again!

I realise this is a huge question… what you want. It’s kind of – well – everything! We spend days, weeks months, years, working towards creating something. Or just living, hoping, waiting to have what we want. But if you’re not really clear on what you really want – how on earth can you expect to get it? And how will you recognise it when you get it – because the truth is, when you boil it down to what you really want, you can have it right now.

Here’s a few things I realised when I asked myself the question:

  I have restricted my thinking around my current level of knowledge.
  I have restricted my thinking around what I’ve seen others achieve – giving myself a belief around what’s possible
  I’ve allowed others to tell me what they think I want, thinking it’s easier to please than push
  I’ve allowed others to tell me what they think I can have, achieve, or do, based on their beliefs
  I’ve based my desires on what I thought I should want, thinking that what I wanted maybe isn’t interesting enough
  And I’ve settled for second best instead of pushing through the frustration and working out what I really want.

Now that’s a lot of rules around my thinking and it truly surprised me!

What about you? Recognise any of these patterns here? If so…here’s a few suggestions how to…Start thinking about WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!

1. Be willing to let go of some things that are not serving you now. Sometimes you have to start with what you DON’T want and eliminate stuff in your life that’s not taking you places you want to go.

2. Make space to allow yourself to work out what you really want. Keep asking the question and don’t worry if the answer doesn’t come straight away – it will. Don’t settle for second best – you’re better than that.

3. Being prepared to accept that you don’t know HOW you’re going to get what you really want, but having trust and faith in the creative process. When the Wright brothers made that first flight, no-one had done it before, so it took some pretty persistent effort and huge belief to keep working on what they really wanted. Once you know what you really want, the universe conspires to make it happen.

4. Become aware of where you’re saying NO when you mean YES and YES when you mean NO. Creating what you really want means putting in dedicated time and effort and we only have so much time to do that, so make sure your time is being consciously spent towards what matters most to YOU.

Curious about what I really want? Well I have a clear plan around what I want for and from my life and have crafted a business that will facilitate that – It’s all around creating beautiful things that make this world a better place and inspiring others to live a more purposeful, creative, balanced life. I call it my top level, life organising goal – but more about that next time!

Allow some space to ask yourself that question and see what comes up for you…

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