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Ever get that feeling that you're a little lost? Not sure what your next step is? Maybe feel like you're floating around a wild and vast ocean, with no clear direction and not sure which way to set your sails? Or if you're a non-sailor like me, you might not even know how to set your sails!!!  I think we all get a little lost sometimes, that's when it's good to create a bit of direction, or at least remind us where we are heading - and why...

Even the most avid sailor is going to want to land on solid ground at some stage - so having a general sense of direction is going to be essential to get you home.

Personally, I'm not that keen on that feeling of being at sea. I'm a Capricorn, a good ol' mountain goat, I'm great on land, thrive in sticky situations (like up a hill!) but I do like terra firma - give me a nice piece of grass to lie down on any day. John's always going on at me to get out and try surfing and all I ever want to do is go for a bush-walk! Which is exactly what we did over the weekend! But I do love a challenge, and I love experiencing new things, so I also understand that sometimes life requires a bit of courage and for us to step outside of our comfort zone. So having a certain amount of direction is good. Being stuck in one direction in mind and not allowing any flexibility or room for change is not good.

Having direction doesn't have to mean setting solid unbreakable goals. It doesn't mean planning your whole life and not budging or allowing for flexibility and fun. It doesn't mean setting yourself unrealistic targets of outward success. But it does mean knowing yourself, your own truth, what you like, what you want, sometimes what you DON'T want so you can make good choices that take you forward happily and confidently. Having direction is a bit like having a path that you're happy to take for a period of time. Like setting off on a bush-walk. Enjoying the path, the scenery, the experience... not just waiting for it to end as a way from A to B. So how do you create some direction? How do you confidently take a path that you know you're going to be happy on?

Here are some simple tips to help you create direction and step out in confidence.

1. Whichever path you take, take it with confidence.
Life's not about the path you take, but being confident in taking the path. There is no right or wrong path and there is an endless supply of paths you can choose! No one path is better than another. No good taking a path and then questioning it every step of the way. You'll not enjoy the path and end up turning around a multitude of times and not actually get anywhere!

2. Take your own path.  If you don't have an idea of your own direction, you'll end up following someone else's, which will take you down their path not your own. Better you try your own than follow others!

3. Find your own inner compass. Take time to listen to your own inner guidance like you have an inner compass. Strengthen your intuition, build strategies to guide yourself back home - to you.

4. Take a big picture perspective on your life. Start with looking at how you want your life to BE. Then take baby steps every day towards creating a life that helps you live that way.

5. Be prepared but go with the flow. Create a plan, but be ready to bend and flex when things outside of your control change. Keep one eye on the map, but don't forget to enjoy the scenery!

6. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone. Unless you want to do the same things over and over again, you do have to be prepared to try new things and step out of your comfort zone sometimes. Try a new path!

So, make sure you step out confidently on your path. And remember, it's not about the destination, it's about being happy along the way.

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