Get comfortable being uncomfortable

I sometimes feel uncomfortable. I feel a bit on edge, a bit nervous. Every day I’m moving into a new territory with my business and my life, so sometimes it would be nice to just do something safe. The other day, I just had that ‘I want to go home’ feeling. You know when you were a kid and you’d been away from home for a night, you feel a little insecure, you want to go home to mum. I felt like that… Of course it’s not that easy because mum lives in England and I live in Australia, otherwise, I’m sure I would have gone home if only for a cup of tea.

So I had to find my own comfort and security, which I did.

I’ve kinda got used that feeling of discomfort. Part of being a creative person is to live with the discomfort of the unknown, constantly trying to solve problems, in fact, sometimes I’m sure I create problems just so I can solve them! But sometimes the temptation is the stay within my comfort zone. To just do something I understand! But of course, that’s not going to get me anywhere interesting.

Developing a new way of doing business means trying new methods, learning new skills, trial and error. So I the best way is to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Doing new things creates uncertainty, with unknown outcomes, that’s part of growth and I understand that.  I’d much rather try and fail, than not try at all, so if I choose to remember that, it may help the next time I feel discomfort around what I’m doing. Which is almost every day…

Note for today? Move through the fear and let the fear move through you. The Universe has got my back!

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