Just be yourself, I wish it were that easy

Be Seen Be Heard For Being You Believe in yourself

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… “Just Be Yourself” Sometimes I don’t think it’s all that straightforward.

Ever heard someone say “I just don’t think he’s himself at the moment” Or had days when you just don't feel like “yourself?” What about when you go on that date, or to that job interview and your mum or your partner said, just be yourself. And now, with the rise of the internet, online businesses and social media, I wonder if it's getting even harder to be ourselves, or even know when we are being ourselves.

Do you know how to “be yourself”? Are you always the same person in every situation? Do you have multiple personas that creep to the surface based on where you are or who you’re with? Someone at work… someone at home…someone else with your friends, someone else on the internet?? (I don’t mean you’re leading multiple lives) but maybe in a way I think we are. Maybe we are afraid to let our ‘true selves’ show, or maybe we just left our true selves somewhere along the way...

Individuality is not something that is encouraged as we grow up. At school we are encouraged and mostly just want to ‘fit in’. The last thing we want as a child is to stand out. That’s when you get picked on and made fun of. But each of us is individual and each of us has something unique and valuable to offer. And standing out is exactly what we need to do. Be seen, be heard. Be ourselves no matter what others think or say or do. That’s not that always that easy is it…or at least I don't think so.

I’ve lived in many places (I think it’s 35 homes in 24 years) quite an achievement! In that time I’ve enjoyed many different jobs, lived with different people, had different friends, and yes, maybe I’ve been a few different ‘me’s’. I’ve been an English schoolgirl, a uni student, a global backpacker, a scuba diving instructor, a T Shirt Designer, a graphic designer, a business owner, a brand consultant, a life coach, an artist, a University tutor… all whilst being a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a step-mum… That’s a lot of roles and responsibilities and a lot of different faces to the world! But who am I on the inside?

The thrill of traveling and experiencing new people and places is great, I still love it; but changing locations has not always helped me feel stable and centered. The constant changes and moving have brought me many new experiences, but also have at some stages taken me off kilter. Settling down and fitting in proves challenging sometimes. After a while, I kind of lost myself. I had to sit down and ask myself what I enjoy, what I want, what I really want.

Have you ever had that feeling? Where you just don’t know the answer to a simple question? When someone asks you what you want to do and you just really don’t have a clue? Or even what you enjoy any more? Where you just feel like you need to get back to basics and ‘find yourself’ again?

You don’t have to move that many times to lose yourself. There’s plenty of ways to do that. Devoting your time to your family or your career can do exactly the same thing.  It’s easy sometimes to let life sweep you along, let decisions be made for you, or make decisions based on the wellbeing of those around us. At some stage, we find ourselves needing to make decisions again for US.

There’s a really simple 3 step process I'll share with you

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Be Yourself
  3. Share Yoursel

1. When you KNOW YOURSELF – you have an inner strength that helps manage day to day situations with greater calm, gives you clarity to make better choices around what you want and what matters most in your life. You feel an inner peace and don't rely on external influences to make you happy, or people to make decisions for you.

2. When you can BE YOURSELF, you can spend your time doing what matters most towards creating a life that you love. You make your own decisions without fear of judgement, embrassment or doubts.

3. When you SHARE YOURSELF, you can create anything you want and deliver it with confidence. You can deliver your greatest contribution and you're not afraid to share your true and authentic self to the world with pride and confidence. EVERY day. You can choose to make an impact and make a difference in the world.

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