TIME SPENT WELL? How to make better choices that you know you’d make again…

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Time passes so quickly and without the gift of self-awareness, time can slip away and be given to things that are not worthy of you. By creating small windows of quiet reflection, you can begin to see your life more clearly and make better, more authentic choices that align with who you really are and what you really want.

It’s often at this time of the year that we start to ask ourselves; where has the year gone? Another one down …

Did you spend your time mindfully and happily? I hope so.

I like to think I did. I like to think that I can look back on the time and say to myself that I wouldn’t have chosen any thing differently. And it’s not about whether I can say the time was successful necessarily, it’s more in terms of how happy I am with my choices.

  • Did I make choices I’m happy with and would I make the same choice again?
  • Did I make the most of my decisions and accept the outcome - learn and move on?
  • Did I follow my heart and make choices from hope over fear?


  • Did I forfeit what I really wanted through a lack of self-confidence or self-doubt?
  • Did I allow time to drift away because I wasn’t willing to give it a go?
  • Did I give up on something through a lack of discipline?

I’m happy to say that this year I am happy with my choices. I’m happy with how I’ve chosen to spend my time.

I think I can say I’m happy with my choices because I made them consciously, I chose them mindfully. In the past, I might have let my choices be guided more by others, or made choices based around limitations - but my choices this year were all mine!

Most of my choices I make now are made easier because I have a lot more self-awareness. I know myself more. I know what I like. I know what I don’t like. I’m not afraid to follow my ideas and give them a go because I’m not attached to the outcome as much.

When you let go of the outcome, it’s easier to make a choice based on your heart over your head. Because no matter what the outcome is, you know you can be happy with the choice!

There was a time that I really wasn’t sure about simple things and had a lot of trouble making decisions, so I’d let others make my decisions for me. I’d avoid making decisions because I really didn’t know how to stand up for what I believed in.

I attribute a lot of my self-awareness to the time I have given to self-reflection - in particular - journaling. Simply by writing down my thoughts, ideas and releasing them onto a page has an amazing effect.

It helps me release any yucky morning doubts that cloud my mind

It helps me feel more balanced and be calmer throughout the day

Ultimately, it brings me back to me and helps me make better decisions that I know I will feel happy with.


A lot of this year has been about making choices that allow more time for creativity and that’s what makes me the happiest.

My top 3 favorite choices I've made this year:

1. Moving to Tamborine Mountain
2. Setting up my Tempo Lifestyles online shop
3. Putting my creativity back on top of my to-do list

As a result of these choices, I've created lots of new things on my shop, but here's one of my favorites and it's one that will help you make better choices too!

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