Start with 'maybe'


What do you do when those niggling doubts creep in around whether you can achieve a goal. What do I do?


I get big ideas, some are quite simple and feel quite achievable. Others I have to try and imagine – I’ve got a vague idea around what I’d like, but because I’ve never experienced it, I find it hard to really sense it. Sometimes the vision gets a little fuzzy and vague and I get a bit shaky.

As part of having a vision, there’s various ‘to do’s that appear on my list of actions. MANY of which I’ve never done before. In fact, a large portion of my life is spent trying to do things I’ve never done before. I kinda like it that way. But sometimes I get scared. I get doubtful. I get nervous, and then I put things off, or I change tack, to avoid doing them altogether! More recently though, I’ve learned a technique that helps me take another baby step closer.

I say to myself – Start with maybe… 

What does that mean? It means, that if you’ve created an idea for yourself that you like the idea of, but it’s a bit scary and you’re not sure if you can actually achieve it – but you KNOW you actually want it, start with putting an idea into your head that says – maybe I can!

  1. If you tell yourself you can’t – you probably won’t.

  2. If you tell yourself you can – you might doubt it and get stressed or anxious about delivering on that for yourself

  3. If you tell yourself – maybe I can – it leaves things open for discussion. You begin to explore the different ways you may be able to make it happen. You create an opportunity for ideas to evolve rather than giving up hope. You minimize the stress of having to know HOW, NOW… but let things sit in a space of MAYBE, of hope, of possibilities and opportunities for a while until you begin to get more comfortable with the idea.

Here’s an example. I’d like to deliver my ideas to the world through creating interesting, inspiring events – anywhere that’s interesting and inspiring! So places like Queenstown, London, LA… I’m not sure HOW that’s going to happen, but if I think about how I’m not ready, I’m not confident, I’m not experienced… I sure as hell am not going to make it happen! But If I ‘start with maybe’ I can say to myself, maybe I can explore opportunities with people I know in these places, maybe I can begin to think about what these events would feel like, who would enjoy them… and so on.

Where can you 'start with maybe?'

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