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Bringing the Himalayas home

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Bringing the Himalayas home

One of my great loves in life has always been travel. I got the travel bug when I was a teenager travelling Europe by train and I don't think I'll ever lose it. There's nothing I love more than getting on a plane to somewhere new. The promise and possibilities of discovering and experiencing new places, meeting new people - I can't get enough of it. What I love about travelling is the new and refreshed outlook I get on life. Seeing life from a new perspective. Especially a culture that is so different than our own. Living so simply in such a beautiful environment was inspiring and refreshing. We spent 10 amazing days visiting Nepal and trekking through the Annapurna trail in Nepal in some of the most beautiful and inspiring locations I've ever seen.

But what happens when you leave the mountains and come home? How do you re-adjust to life and it's routine. How do you how do you bring the mountain feeling home with you? 

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