When is enough, enough?


So many people today are wanting more. More money, more love, more work, more possessions.... There's nothing wrong with wanting more, although I do believe it's more important to be happy with what you have. That comes down to having 'enough'.
So how much is enough?

Being here in England for a limited time always brings about thoughts of contrast, and makes me really appreciate what I have, right here, right now.

I'm currently experiencing the wettest January for 250 years. Walking down a very cold, wet and windy street, people are saying to me 'I bet you'll be glad to get home to some sunshine'. Yes indeed I will, but I am not unhappy in the wet and cold. I actually really enjoy the contrast of the two lifestyles. Maybe it's because I know I have sunshine to look forward to. Right now I'm in one of my favourite little coffee shops. I'm looking outside at the wind and rain and it makes me feel warm and cosy. I'm appreciating the warm, friendly atmosphere and the contrast of the cold and wet only accentuates it!

Enjoying the contrast that you have 'just enough comes down to awareness. Knowing what you need, what ignites your ideas, makes you feel happy, makes you feel good. For years now I have been practicing self-awareness, I know a lot about myself...

I know...
If I don't get a splash of adventure I get restless.
If I don't get enough nature I feel disconnected.
If I don't get enough stillness I get ungrounded.
If I get enough nature I feel connected and calm.
If I get enough company, I appreciate solitude
If I get enough exercise, I'm happy to relax

Through awareness I've gained knowledge and through this knowledge and working with MyTempo, I've created a lifestyle that allows me just enough!

So how do you know if you've got enough? How much is enough for you?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about what you have enough of...

1. Got enough contrast in your life?
I get contrast through enjoying an English Winter and an Ozzie Summer!

2. Do you have enough balance?
I like to plan my week so I know I have allowed time for all areas of my life... health, relationships, fun, work.

3. Do you have enough variety?
I like to work from different locations, home, office, cafe... I like to mix up my days.

4. Do you have enough choices?
I really value having choices, this gives me the freedom and flexibility to create an interesting and rewarding life.

5. Do you have enough change?
Learning to let go is part of knowing when you've had enough... what do you need to let go of?

I think I've written enough and I've had enough of my current location and spent enough time on my current task... Time to move on to my next moment! And time to move on to my journey home - hard as it is to let go and say goodbye to my family here in England, I'm happy to go home to Australia. I've enjoyed enough time and enough special moments - for now! I wish you enough of everything this week!

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