Happy People. Happy World.

I truly believe that if we are all allowed to just be and do what comes naturally, the world will start to get itself back into balance.

Happier people make a happier world.

Because when you put what you love, at the heart of what you do, you get to enjoy life more. When you follow your joy and allow your true self to shine, people enjoy being around you. When you’re kinder to yourself and let things flow from an easy place, you stress less and laugh more.

By wearing this symbol you are making a stand towards making the world a better, happier place - by being a happier person - by following your joy and doing what comes naturally to YOU.  In whatever way feels right for YOU. Your way. 

By wearing this symbol, we pledge to give back 15% of the profits to organizations that make our world happier and keep our environment and its creatures safe.

So, be a happy person. Follow your dream. Be yourself. And know that by doing that, you are making the world happy too!