Our Story

Tempo Lifestyles is a boutique, lifestyle product range created by Sandy Archer in Tamborine Mountain, Australia. Featuring Sandy’s art and design, the collection is inspired by their desire to ‘live life at their tempo’ and to develop beautiful, inspiring products to remind you to be true to you.⠀

In a constantly changing world, where comparing is the norm, now more than ever we need to make time and find space to go within and find out who we are and what we love - and figure out a way of bringing that into our every day. 

We combine stylish design, with empowering and inspirational art to create products for creative souls, to help you find and follow your true path.

Our individually designed collections are crafted around concepts that focus on you and the choices you make every day towards living with more joy, purpose & creativity.

The Tempo Lifestyles philosophy is to
Find your Tempo
make choices that align with who you really are and what you really want to do
Keep your Tempo
stick by those choices when the world seems to have other plans for you
Everything we produce has been designed with care and attention to detail.
All the designs are inspired in some way by our own life or experiences and I hope they will inspire you to follow your joy and live with more purpose and creativity.
I love to take on custom projects and enjoy working with companies and people who are inspired to collaborate on projects.
If you are interested in stocking our range in your store, please contact us