Personal Crystals Pack
Personal Crystals Pack
Personal Crystals Pack
Personal Crystals Pack
Personal Crystals Pack

Personal Crystals Pack

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  • 6 Awareness/Crystal Mantra Cards
  • 6 Personal Crystals
  • Wooden Card Holder
  1. CRYSTAL/MANTRA CARDS. If you’ve ever been fascinated by the healing powers of Crystals, and Meditation, these cards have a simple but powerful series of affirmations, mantras, and reminders to support you through your awareness journey. Simply by placing them nearby, you will be allowing your intentions to be more real and more in focus in your life.

  2. PERSONAL CRYSTALS. Each of these crystals has their own energy and healing properties and we are naturally drawn to the energy of the crystal we need at any given time. Used in association with the mantras and mindful writing, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of healing by holding these crystals close.

  3. WOODEN CARD HOLDER. Use the awareness cards in this hand-made wooden card holder. Made from natural, hardwood timber. Colours may vary.


As a beautifully packaged gift it’s ideal for a friend or anyone that is seeking positive change in their life.

It's perfect for anyone who is seeking more balance and clarity in their life, to make time for the things that matter most.

Or someone who might be wanting to make changes and need to know they are making the choices that are driven from their heart.

Or maybe anyone who simply wants to carve out some space in their full life to enjoy more calm and peace in a busy and changing world.

Ideal for traveling too. Take it with you and carve out some space in your holiday to treat yourself to some ‘you’ time. It’s all portable and packable and will help you make the most of your downtime by putting positive and life-changing ideas in your mind.

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