enjoying the satisfaction of getting back on the bike
43. Enjoying the satisfaction of starting again. Getting back on the bike!
June 20, 2017
finding calm every day
45. Getting back to calm
June 22, 2017
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44. Fitting one small step in every day

one small step

one small step

After a long break from writing, I was getting edgy, cranky and unsettled. I was feeling annoyed at myself for not moving forward. I got caught up in a lot of work, travelling and, well, life, and whilst I enjoyed the break, I felt like I needed to get back to taking steps towards what I really wanted. But I didn’t have time. Maybe I couldn’t put a lot of time into my project, but I could put a small amount of time aside to take a really small step each day.

And I realised that just taking the steps was all I needed. I felt calmer, happier just knowing I’d made a small step forward. Not only because It got me closer towards a dream, but also because I actually enjoy it and not doing it frustrates me.

Waiting, postponing and being too busy to even make the smallest step was eating me up. Frustrating me. I know it’s not about the ‘getting there’ – it’s the journey. It’s not about knowing that it’s all going to work out – it’s knowing that you have faith taking the steps and even if it doesn’t work out, I’ve enjoyed the steps living the way I want, right now.

It’s about making the smallest snippet of time in a busy life to take a small step towards what you really want to be doing. Towards a dream, and idea, a business, a book. Whatever it is. All those small steps add up and one day, you realise you’re there, or nearly there, or a lot closer and a lot happier!

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